About Us

TANGAN is a premium brand based in Jakarta, Indonesia starts in early 2015 that present an authentic and organic ready to wear collection. Focus on both local and international market.

TANGAN has a strong vision to inspire people to express their look into other perspective of style that describes more subtlety and contemporer. Each collection of T A N G A N offer fresh ideas on proportion, styling and total look. Easy and confortable are the main aspect of T A N G A N to develop the pieces.

Both founder of T A N G A N (Zico Halim & Margaretha Novianty), believe in the most basic nature of sex: Rawness, Imperfection and Awkwardness. The variety of senses that we feel for the very first time, being wrap skin to skin, with another person, drawing the playful side from sex itself. A little feminine, yet quirky. A little edgy, but sexy. This diversity of sensation is shown symbolically in each piece within this collection, an infusion of many styles in perfect harmony.